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Monday, January 31, 2011

2010 Oscars

     I have never had the satisfaction of watching all the oscar nominated films and performances before the oscars, but this year I promised myself that I would do just that in time for awards show, but even as I type I know that I have a long ways to go and that there is less than a month to go until the winners are announced. Of the ten best picture nominees I have viewed half, thus far neglecting to see "127 Hours"(2010), "The Kids are all Right"(2010), "The King's Speech"(2010), "Toy Story 3"(2010), and "Winter's Bone"(2010). These five have not caught my eye like the other five nominees that I have seen. Unlike most people I have never been a big "Toy Story" person. With "127 Hours"  I merely quake in my shoes whenever I hear about the horribly intense self-amputation scene. "The Kids are all Right"(2010) I don't agree with the morals or political agenda. "Winter's Bone" don't like the setting, lame excuse I know, but I'm very particular about stuff like that when it comes to movies. "Kings Speech"seems to me like a talky period piece, although I have heard many reports about how there is never a dull moment in it. The point is, is that I should have seen these movies by now so that when it comes oscar time I can in unbiased fashion choose the movie I believe is the best picture.
     I should have learned my lesson with "The Social Network"(2010) a movie that I had no desire to see, but did eventually see. I went into the theatre with preconceived notions, almost positive that I would dislike the film because I wasn't a fan of the cast or director. I couldn't have been more wrong and have sense added "The Social Network" into my list of top ten favorite films.
     Out of the five movies I have seen; "True Grit"(2010), "The Social Network"(2010), "Black Swan"(2010), "The Fighter"(2010), and "Inception"(2010) I would not be able to pick a winner because all of the films are superb and very different from eachother. The oscars have a wide range of films this year; the story of a crazy ballerina, the origins of the monster we know as facebook, the search for the man who murdered a little girl's father in a 19th century western, the trials of boxer Mickey Ward, and the story of a man "who specializes in a very specific type of security" with Christopher Nolan's mind teaser "Inception". Each of these films are good enough in their own right to warrant a separate oscar category. I can not choose one out of five and doubt if the viewing of five more contenders will aid in the process.

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