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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The superbowl

Superbowl Sunday! Late post here. Superbowl Sunday was, well, super dull really. I have never been a big NFL, the only actual reason I give a hoot is mainly because of the former Oregon running back Legarrette Blount, who just had his rookie year with the Tampa Bay Bucs and he was spectacular. He made quite a few highlight reels on sportscenter especially with his crazy hurdling abilities which show that he hasn't lost a step with his entrance into the NFL. It's like watching him play at Oregon again. No offense to LMJ, but the Legarrette was the most entertaining and unbelievable Oregon back of all time. But I am getting off topic.
Superbowl! Yeah kind of dull. The halftime show was pretty God awful, but I think we have come to expect that especially with the slew of has beens that have populated the halftime show as of late. While the Black Eyed Peas are very current, their live music sounded atrocious. They did put on a good light show, I'll give them that. What made the day for me was the new trailers for three films, "Cowboys and Aliens"(2011), "Captain America"(2011), and "Super 8"(2011).
I have to admit, like a lot of people of was unsure what "Cowboys and Aliens" was supposed to be. That is what genre. Is it meant to be serious? Comedy? Jon Favreau cleared that up for a lot of people after the Superbowl tv spot aired saying that it was not a comedy, but just a good fun film. This is the guy who directed both "Iron Man" films, and even if the second was a tad disappointing I think this movie is right up his alley. It can't hurt having Daniel Craig headlining it either.
I have never been a comic book guy. I know a lot of the characters and all that, but have never been in that particular fanbase. The one I am most familiar with is one that everybody knows; "Spider-man". I know little about "Captain America" but the trailer looked awesome! It gave off a cool 1940s sci-fi feel, something that I am a sucker for.
Just like "Cloverfield"(2008) was in the days before it's release, not much is being revealed about the latest J.J. Abram's film "Super 8" (2011) although it does have something to do with aliens. This one also yields that same campy sci-fi feel.
Highlights of the Superbowl! Thank you tv spots!